Global supply a range of acoustic and insulation products for various operating temperatures and conditions. This includes cryogenic, cold, dual-temperature, ambient and hot thermal insulation materials and systems

Our range includes but is not limited to the following product areas Global supply a range of acoustic and insulation products for various operating temperatures and conditions. This includes cryogenic, cold, dual-temperature, ambient and hot thermal insulation materials and systems Our range includes but is not limited to the following product areas



Caltem™ is a reacted hydrous 100% asbestos-free microporous calcium silicate containing well opened reinforcing fibre evenly distributed. It is used...
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Thermat™ is a glassfibre (100% E-glass) insulating blanket made from continuous filament fibres of 9 microns (non-hazardous). Thermal blankets are...
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Superwool is needled at both sides and possesses high strength, before and after heating. It contains neither binder nor lubricant, and does not emit...
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PIR and PUR are high-quality insulating materials with excellent properties and are supplied in pipe sections and slabs. Other types available on...
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Protective foils/tapes

Foils, tapes and reinforcements also to be used for primary and secondary vapour-barrier applications, such as Tembutil IF , multi-purpose butyl rubber...
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Ancillary products

Ancillary materials for application in thermal insulation systems.
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Special materials for application in roofing, construction and building industry such as strips, foils etcetera.
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Temafol™ HDPE foil with studded profile

When vapour barriers need to be mechanical protected with steel or aluminium cladding there’s a risk of puncturing by screw or bind rivets. The damaged...
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Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic

Our Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP), comes in an easy to use system on rolls, 600mm wide (24”) x 10m long, 1-2mm thick. No mixing is required and...
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Temati Coating 57-75

Coating 57-75 is a one component water based coating with unique insulating properties based on the latest vacuum glass microspheres technology.
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PROTECTEM Flangebelt™


  • flanges and gaskets from outside weathering and chemical conditions
  • plant, equipment and personnel...
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Vessel Inspection Plug - V.I.P.

The Vessel Inspection Plug (V.I.P.) makes non-destructive vessel inspection possible making inspection more (cost)efficient. Vessel inspection plugs...
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Silicone Vessel Inspection Plug

The Silicone Vessel Inspection Plug (V.I.P.) makes non-destructive vessel inspection possible making inspection more (cost)efficient. Vessel inspection...
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Foster 60-44

Foster Stackfas Mastic is a black, high solids, non-asphaltic coatings with outstanding heat resisting properties. For use in boiler stacks and chimneys,...
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Foster 57-73

Foster Heat Resistant Coating 57-73 is designed for use on stainless steel piping and equipment to protect from stress corrosion cracking due to the...
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H2Obvious is a permanent leak detector that responds to all non-aggressive fluids. Installed in thermal insulated pipe or equipment it's primary function...
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PMU Drainplug™

PMU drainplugs™ reduces the risk of CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation). More thorough than just a drain hole the PMU drainplug™ will enable moisture...
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Intumescent pipe collars

Intumescent Fire Collars for uPVC, Polypropylene, Polyethylen and ABS piping. Intumescent Fire Collars provide a simple and effective method of...
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Pipe wraps

Economic alternative for fire stopping plastic pipework and electrical trunking in walls and floors. EN1366 certified.
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FR coated panels

FR Coated Panel System is used to firestop mechanical and electrical services where they pass through walls and floors.
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FR coating

This coating is designed for applications in the installation of pre-coated and plain mineral fibre batts, as well as coating cables and pipes, in large...
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Intumescent sealant

PFC Corofil Acoustic Intumescent Sealant is suitable for sealing joints and service penetrations in fire walls, partitions, fire rated door frames and...
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Intumescent silicone putty

PFC Corofil Intumescent Silicone Putty is a non-setting, malleable graphite impregnated silicone-based compound.
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Fire rated silicone sealant

Fire rated silicone sealant is a one component alkoxy cure silicone which has excellent unprimed adhesion to most building surfaces and is designed to...
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Firestop compound

Firestop compound is used to provide a fire rated seal around service penetrations in fire rated walls and floors. Tested to BS476 - part 20, Firestop...
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Intumescent pillows

Intumescent pillows will provide up to 4 hours' fire protection to metal services and cables passing through compartment floors and walls. Tested in...
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Cavity firestop

Cavity firestop provides an easy retro-fit solution to firestop existing construction joints up to 75mm thick in floors and walls. Tested to BS476 part...
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Intumescent expansion joint

C500X is a compressible product to fill fire rated joints in compartment floors and walls. Tested to BS476 part 20, C500X provides up to 4 hours' fire...
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Loomstate (LS)

Applications: fire protection, reinforcement fabric, cover for fibrous insulation, 'lagging' fabric, etcetera.
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Fix weavelock (Fix)

'Fix' weavelock, based on silicic acid, ensures low inflammability (selfextinguishing), good cutting characteristics and resistance to abrasion....
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Silicone Coated (SR/SG/SGT)

Glass fabric coated with a flame retardant, chemical resistant silicone rubber coating. Applications: insulation mattresses, smoke curtains, flexible...
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PU Coated (PG)

Glass fabric coated with a flame retardant polyurethane. Applications: insulation mattresses, smoke curtains, spark/welding protection, flexible joints,...
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Alfol / Alpes

Glass fabric with a protective, highly reflective and fire-resistive aluminium foil. mattresses, spark/welding protection, protective clothing,...
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High Temperature (HT)

High temperature treated fabrics. Applications: heat protection, insulation mattresses, welding protection, compensators, etcetera.
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Special Fabrics

Technical Fabrics for special applications.
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Temtex ancilleries

A complete range of sewing threads, insulation/ quilting tackers and various accessories to use in production of insulation mattresses.
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Temtex glass fibre cords/ tapes

Glass fibre tapes, sleeving, seals and rope lagging are suited for use in the domestic and industrial heating appliance manufacturing industries. Temtex...
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Spray Shield

The spray shield is specifically designed for personal protection in case of a leaking/spaying flange. Spray shields are custom made of high quality...
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UV-Resistant Black Butyl Tape with aluminium laminate, reinforced with a polyester film. Ideal for protection of industrial insulation systems.
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Fos-Stik™ is a professional aerosol adhesive for easy, clean, economical adhesion of a large range of materials. It is economical in use, has a foaming...
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Kiiltoflex K

Kiiltoflex K is a one-component elastic sealant. It can be used for elastic bonding, joining and sealing, in all industrial applications. Kiiltoflex K...
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Temseal™ - UAF is a first grade, single component acetoxy durable elastic sealant with excellent resistance to fungus. Temseal™ is available in various...
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Gasket sealant

Gasket Sealant is a durable, heat resistant, one-component, silicone sealant with a temperature resistance UP TO 300°C (intermittent). After application,...
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Aluminium tape

Aluminium Foil Tape coated with a long lasting, ultra violet resistant acrylic adhesive and lined with a release paper to protect the adhesive face....
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Reinforced aluminium tape

Tape, which is strengthened with glass-fibres in squares, with vapour-barrier properties and used for sealing joints in insulation, supplied in various...
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Duct tape

Cloth duct tape used in HVAC and asbestos abatement applications; available in various widths.
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Citrikleen HD

Citrikleen products are powerful cleaners all with a high flash point, affording greater safety for workers than highly flammable, petroleum products....
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Graffi-Klean!® - graffiti remover

Graffiti removal with Graffi-Klean!® Graffiti remover is completely harmless for humans and the environment. This absolute safe, fluid, pH-neutral,...
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Fluxaf® Green - paint remover

Fluxaf® Green is an absolute safe, paste/fluid, pH-neutral paint remover, suitable for removing most kinds of paint and plaster from almost any surface...
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18 litre Spray Adhesive

A haps-free multi-purpose contact adhesive supplied in a 18 litre pressurised container which is linked through a 4 metre hose to a spray gun. This...
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Repairite Flexrite

Repairite Flexrite is a moisture-curing rubber in black, white or clear. Ideal for all repairs requiring flexibility, such as tyre walls, rubber conveyor...
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Anti-corrosive noise control panels for the offshore industry

Quiet Acoustic panels are DNV, IMO, ISO, and US coast guard certified for anti-corrosion, strength, non-combustion, and acoustic performance. The panels are used to manufacture a wide variety of noise control products, enclosures, barriers, screens, doors, walls, silencers, splitters and attenuators. Quiet Acoustic engineers can work with OEMs, specifiers, consultants or end clients to supply basic panels through to full turnkey solutions using our global network of partners.


Noise control enclosures

Quiet Acoustic panels are 2,400mm x 1,200mm, and can be easily cut to any size using basic cutters and panel saws. A range of extruded profiles and joiners are available to convert panels into enclosures of any size and shape. Each panel weighs less than 5kg per square metre, and supports over 350kg of load. They are easily fabricated and assembled with one or two people. Enclosures can be manufactured to achieve decibel reductions from 30dB to 60dB.


Noise control barriers and doors

Quiet Acoustic panels can be supplied as click together walls, barriers and door sets, and flat packed to site for quick assembly. Panels can be micro perforated on single, or both sides to cancel noise in all directions. Panels can be supplied to achieve sound transmission classes (STC) of 30dB to 60dB.


Noise control panels and linings for enclosed spaces

Quiet Acoustic panels are commonly used to remove sound pressure build-up and reverberation in enclosed machinery spaces, marine vessels, and plant rooms. Application of panels to 8% of the surface can reduce sound pressure levels by over 9dB.


Louvres and splitters for offshore HVAC noise control

Quiet Acoustic panels can be used to replace traditional mineral fibre and perforated sheet metal construction in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) splitters and silencers, chevron louvres, half chevron louvres, and equipment panel linings, producing 20% higher peak insertion loss and 500Hz deeper peak frequency of absorption.


Customised noise control panels for OEM's and end user clients.

We provide a broad range of standard panel systems, but will also work with OEMs and clients to produce custom panels for bespoke applications. Our manufacturing techniques allow for almost infinite variations and materials. Data sheets and independent testing can be found here.
Please contact us today here to see if these panels can solve your latest noise challenge.

Acoustic Product Data Sheets

Below are a selection of standard Acoustic panels. If your noise is unique, or you are an OEM looking for a specific or custom product, please contact us for other panel options, and thickness from 5mm to 80mm are possible with different noise frequency responses.

2072A ARCHITECTURE PANEL (for vocal and equipment noise control in commercial or domestic spaces - infinite colours and finishes)

  • Absorption test report - 40mm panel - 200Hz-2,000Hz with peak absorption 500Hz - perfect for vocal noise

2071A INDUSTRIAL PANEL - low frequency noise control - microperforated (for industrial noise control in hot, wet, dusty, rough environments)

  • Absorption test report - 40mm panel - 200Hz-2,000Hz with peak absorption 500Hz - ideal for generator, compressor, AC units etc.
  • Sound transmission loss test report - Rw 28
  • Sound transmission loss test report - Rw 30
  • Sound transmission loss test report - Rw 32

2071B INDUSTRIAL PANEL - broadband noise control - corrugated finish (for industrial noise control in hot, wet, dusty, rough environments)

  • Absorption test report - 160Hz - 10,000Hz - with peak absorption 1,000Hz - Ideal for industrial broadband noise control