fire protection

Global Solutions provide specialised services, materials and equipment to the offshore and onshore oil, gas, petrochemical, power generation, marine and industrial sectors.

Our Fire Protection and Insulation Team, established to provide comprehensive, engineered solutions to Fire & Blast hazards and Thermal & Acoustic Insulation requirements, undertakes a major part of this service.

Global Solutions is in the unique position of being experienced in all the key areas of fire protection and insulation throughout the system's life cycle. We are involved in many projects Fire Protection from the earliest design and engineering stage, through specification definition, material selection, procurement and installation.

We are regularly involved in the design, manufacture, and testing of new systems on behalf of the raw material manufacturers and clients.

Global Solutions is able to provide the widest range of fire protection and insulation systems, with the unique benefit of being able to mix and match different solutions to suit specific needs.

Global Solutions engineers have an extensive track record working with the major oil and petrochemical companies on a worldwide basis.